Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First Birthday!

I can't believe it, but my baby is 1 today! Notice the first picture above. Last year, Kannon was so small that he fit in the stocking. You can now see in the 2nd picture how big he is - the stocking is hanging in the background. In many ways, this year has flown by and in others, it seems as though it has been endless. Kannon awoke this morning to find presents in a new toy box that looks like a pirates' chest! Of course, he went straight for the books. I had to work, so we did rush through a bit, but he was very excited.

I'm not sure what he is going to think of December. Winklie and Pinklie, the Christmas elves that used to visit me and my sisters when we were little, came yesterday and left a book about who the elves are, some Santa slippers and Christmas pjs. Today, he received a bevy of birthday gifts and Saturday is his party!

When I got home tonight, I baked a delicious (or so all the adults thought) vanilla cake from scratch. Aunt Taifa came over and he got some more gifts, including his favorite, the playskool busy ball popper! When we presented him with his cake, he wouldn't touch it - literally, he would not lay a finger on it. In fact, he looked at it and gagged! I guess we shouldn't complain. I'm sure he'll have a sweet tooth soon enough.

I feel so incredibly blessed for all of the beautiful people and things I have in my life. The past two years, without question, have been the most difficult of my life. I've experienced the worst day of my life, when I lost Dashiell, but I've also experienced two of the best days of my life- the day Kannon was born and the day Dashiell was born. I know that is strange to say, but meeting Dash was simultaneously horrible because of his death, but happy because I had the opportunity to see and hold him.

Today was wonderful and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world!

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