Sunday, January 31, 2010


We had our first really bad accident last Friday night. The day had been wonderful. Just before dinner, Glenn arrived home with a box full of belated birthday and Christmas presents from Aunt Kelly & co. He was thoroughly enjoying every minute of opening the packages. He had his bath and was watching Little Einsteins. I left the room to get his bottle and said to Glenn, "Can you please watch him for a minute?" "Sure," he replied. Well, not more than 2 minutes later, I hear Kannon cry and Glenn say "Oh my God, OH MY GOD,!" I turned the corner and saw Kannon, in Glenn's arms bleeding profusely from the face. Glenn turned his back for a minute to get on the computer (which I have told him a THOUSAND times NOT TO DO!) and apparently Kannon grabbed our dog, Lucy and she bit him.

It was pretty bad. He had 1 puncture wound above the lip and the other started next to it and tore down through his lip. We took him to the ER and, fortunately, were sent to the "fast track". "Fast Track" is a relative term, however. We arrived around 8:30 and did not see a doctor until around 10:30.

She decided that it would be best to call in a plastic surgeon to do the stitches. Because the bite ripped through the vermilion border (his lip line) if it was stitched carelessly, his lips could have been permanently misaligned. We had to wait for the doctor for about an hour. When he finally showed up, we quickly realized that he was worth the wait. He even brought his iphone preloaded with "Yo Gabba Gabba"! We tried to distract Kannon, but it was hopeless. He fought like crazy. All in all, he ended up with 5 stitches. It broke my heart.

He had his follow up with his plastic surgeon on Wednesday. Note to Kannon - maybe you should be a plastic surgeon! Then, you could have a beautiful office on Park Ave & 70th street where you could offer cappuccinos to your patients, too! The doctor said that it will likely be a permanent scar, but it is healing well. We can call him in 3-6 months if it still looks really bad.

Ironically, Kannon is more interested in Lucy than ever! He goes after her constantly and fearlessly. I guess he hasn't learned his lesson, but I have and I really hope Glenn has!


Brian said...

Oh my! I really hope he's doing alright! Its so hard having a dog and a baby at the same time. We've got two dogs and one cat and it just makes the whole new parenting thing even more difficult. My parents keep telling me that these ER visits will happen. The scary part is WHEN. I really hope you guys are doing better!

-B Anderson.

Marissa said...

When Sean was two his dad took him to the park and even though he was following him closely - Sean fell and split WIDE open his lower lip. 5 hours in the ER, two nurses to hold Sean down one very nervous doctor and 4 stitches later - he came out with a scar BUT you can hardly notice and he still has a great. Be prepared - this is probably the first of many!!! Glad it worked out and he's not scarred - no pun intended! "P

Anonymous said...

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