Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kannon's latest

Disclaimer: I am about to brag here. About 2 weeks ago, Kannon has started counting to 10 and can identify & name numbers 1-10 and 12! I can also identify and name all of the letters of the alphabet (except m and n). He loves to shout out numbers and letters when he sees them in the aisles of stores, on the street, on the subway. (and I do mean shout) He is so proud of himself when he does. Not too bad for a 19 1/2 month old!

Yesterday, he was playing with his squirt toy walrus in the bathtub and actually said walrus, well more like wallwuss, but you get the idea. It's difficult to remember that we have to be extremely careful about what we say in front of him because he is a parrot.

Now, if we could only get him to eat real vegetables instead of purees only...

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Brian said...

Awesome! Our guy is the opposite! All he LOVES to eat vegetables but he hasn't talked much yet, besides mama and dada. Its becoming extremely apparent though that he understands more than we think! We asked him where specific things were and he started pointing right at them. These are things we never taught him. He's catching on to us fast! Must be careful what we say, hehe!